Hi, it's me, Timea!

I'm an author with 11 books, self-publishing mentor, artist, digital nomad and founder of the Lendület Online Magazine.

It’s great that you are here! Let me share my story with you!

Since Facebook has been part of our lives, somehow I’ve always built brands. I started with handmade jewelry, and in few months I earned a lot with a small Facebook page. I had no idea what I was doing, or why it was working for me and not for the others.

I published my first book one year later in 2012. It was a tough time for me because I didn’t know anything about marketing, but mostly because I didn’t know how important it is to advertise my book. We like to think that if we make something special it will sell itself. But nowadays, many markets are very competitive, and you have to stand out from the crowd. So I decided to use the same tactics, like in my other page.

Today, publishing a book is not complicated. The difficult part is how to build your own brand. I used to feel totally alone. It was before Instagram, or live videos. So I had to write for magazines, and for different websites, to ask them to make a review about my book. 98% of them didn’t answer, because I didn’t have name in that area.

I was so disappointed, not just because of me, but because of the other writers. I felt that there were tons of talented artists, who can’t show themselves, because nobody cares about them. That’s why we launched an online magazine (Lendület Magazin) in 2013. It is a platform for talented artists, where they can upload their works, and we conduct interviews with them. It was a great test for us too, to understand social media better. When or what you should post? I believe that online marketing is about testing all the time. What works, and what doesn’t? Because what was working for you yesterday, maybe won’t work two or three months later.

I think this constant change, and the full time brainstorming to find out new techniques made marketing my passion. I don’t really believe in understanding marketing from books, because mostly by the time they publish a book it is useless, and not up-to-date.

After deciding to become a social media expert, I started working with a book publishing company. Because of the leadership, I left them after a year, but in the meantime I learned a lot. Each author was a new challenge. Everyone needs to be supported and marketed differently. But! Everyone needs their own brand. So most of the readers will be upset, because even if you are the best writer in the world, if you just sit back and don’t work on a brand, nothing will happen. Fortunately you can sell anything with good marketing!

I find it important to keep up-to-date on everything about online marketing, so I’m constantly looking for events where I can learn. I was at the WebSummit in Lisbon, the TechSummit in Dublin, and the Synergy Global Forum in New York.

Let me show you how I can support you, to achieve your goals!


A lot of people have good ideas, but sometimes there is a lack of vision on how to build a brand around that idea. I will be looking at the whole picture while working with you on achieving your dreams.


I works remotely in order to reduce overheads, free up office-space and minimize your wage bill. You will have more time and energy to focus on doing your job and making money.  


I’m very happy to introduce my services for businesses and people, who would like to outsource some of their marketing activities due the lack of resources, time or competencies.

basic package

• I recommend this for those who are just starting to get acquainted with social media sites, but it is also perfect for anyone who has a Facebook page, blog or website, but they feel they are unable to merge them.

• The basic package is also the best for you, if you have a manuscript, but you’re stuck. You do not know how to finish it. You do not know what to do with it.

• Or for those who not really know how to start publishing.

Quick, comprehensive advice.

mentor program

• This will be tailor-made for you.

• If you need me permanently, either as a mentor or as a manager.

• If you need to organize a meet-up, or reading night.

• Writing, producing content, promotional tools.

exclusive services

• This package is for you if you just want to lean back and create. I’ll do for you whatever you need.

• Let me help you wow your followers with fabulous design and content!

• I give you the most important asset in life: TIME! You can focus on your business while I’m taking care of the little details.

My happy clients

Szilard Lovasz

Timea is not just managing the work well, but we have become friends in the process. She helped and supported me until the end. She was by my side in the good moments but also when I wanted to give up. The reason I love to work with her is not only the fact that she would do anything for me, but because she has the most amazing attitude towards my mistakes. She doesn’t get mad and instead, she aim to put her energy into solving the problem. She saw the potential I had, and she did not stop until I brought out the best of me!


Norbert Demeter

I love working with Timea, because she is just like me. She doesn’t like inaction and she is always energetic and dynamic. You can have nice conversations, but when it’s time to work, it’s time to work. Plus, she really loves what she is doing. She knows it cannot be done without the passion. She is persistent, full of ideas and energy! Oh, and the best marketing tricks I have, I learned from her.


Zoe Rodonit

For me, the cooperation with her was so easy. After a few days of messaging, Timea and I have become so comfortable with each other that we went through the script really fast. We think similarly and she helped me a lot with the brainstorming, so we could bring out the best of my ideas during the process of joint work. I think, whoever she will work with in the future, she will get along just fine. Timea respected my ideas and what I would have liked my book to be. So in case I will write another book, I will not hesitate to ask for her help!

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Write me a message that summarizes what you need. Link everything you can (Facebook, Instagram, blog, website, etc.) Once I’ve checked them, I’ll schedule a date and send my billing information. The prices shown are the final prices. Finally, you will receive an e-invoice as soon as your referral arrives. Then we can start the work!

Then do not despair if you do not feel any of the packages is suitable.

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